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Communication in a Remote Workforce

Thousands of companies around the country have instructed employees to work at home this week — and into the foreseeable future. I wanted to share something I’ve noticed already in talking to a lot of people in this situation – many of them are feeling uncommunicated with.

In speaking with those folks, I can sense their anxiety and confusion. They’re feeling isolated from teammates. Out of the loop on what’s going on. Fearful of losing jobs.

This really pounds home the idea that you almost really can’t over communicate with your team members working remotely. We are also in a remote working situation at DBA. To keep our team enlightened, positive and feeling more comfortable, we:

1. Set up a remote sharing room for notes, texts, files and uploads of material.
2. Conduct every morning team calls.
3. Provide a high level of transparency in our communications to our team.

It is equally important to keep customers and vendors updated on your operational changes.

My advice is to err on over communicating to avoid customers, distributors and partners feeling left “in the dark.”

by Don Becker

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