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Why aren't your marketing people in the room?

Why aren’t your marketing people in the room?

I’m always amazed when the marketing people aren’t in the room when leadership is establishing goals. Setting strategies. Discussing challenges and sharing ideas. Just seems to me it’s a missed opportunity to add some of the most important people in the company to the process.

Marketing communications is all about creating a story delivered within certain tactics directed at specific audiences to achieve desired results. Results like greater brand awareness. Successful product promotion. Improved lead generation. Stronger culture.

So, when I’m in the room, I wonder why the marketing folks are not sitting right next to me. Hearing firsthand about the company’s vision, its biggest challenges and most pressing opportunities. If they don’t know this stuff, how can they possibly give you good advice?

Make marketing part of the discussion. Empower them by making sure they know where the business is headed. They’ll be much more able to give you the ideas you need to help make it happen.

by Don Becker

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