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Why I’m Currently Nerd-ing Out Over AstroReality’s EARTH

I’m that ‘tree-hugging, animal-loving, reduce-reuse-recycle, save the whales!’ kinda gal. Love for our little blue dot, learning, and great design is exactly what draws me to AstroReality’s newest project EARTH. AstroReality is a computer software company headquartered in Los Gatos, CA that’s seriously doing some amazing things.

There’s Never Been Anything Like It Before
“The first-ever augmented reality enabled model of the earth,” totes their Kickstarter campaign page, which was 100% funded in TWO HOURS and has far surpassed their $30,000 goal. You can explore Earth’s weather, geology and creatures utilizing the miniature 3D-printed, hand painted globe paired with the AR/AI (Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence) app. You literally have the world at your fingertips.

Clean, Minimalist Design
The simplicity of the app design allows the information to take front stage. The user is able to easily navigate through the vast amount of information available to explore. If you’re having trouble finding what you’d like to know, you can utilize Gaea–AstroReality’s smart voice technology– to help you navigate within the app.

It Skips the Textbook
You can visually view data through the app (like cloud maps or carbon dioxide levels) as a timeline, ask Gaea to look up information on your favorite animals and more. AstroReality has created a powerful on-trend and hands-on tool to explore and learn about our planet that goes beyond traditional means.

Obviously, They Made It With a Lot of Love
Scientists, researchers, and investors around the world collaborated to make this project happen. “We hope that educating everyone about the effects we have on our planet from fossil fuels, pollution, and more will ignite a conscious change and passion for bettering the world as we know it”, says their Kickstarter campaign page.

AstroReality’s EARTH uses design + science + technology to fuel a love for our planet – bringing awareness to the importance of stewardship, preservation, and responsibility. What’s not to nerd-out about?

by Melyssa Kent

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