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Together In Spirit – Apart in our Work Space

As the Coronavirus forces teams into their homes, we here at DBA aren’t an exception. As we all wrapped up and grabbed things off of our desks to take to our homes offices on Monday, there was an overwhelming sense of sadness knowing we would no longer be in direct contact with each other. We are a team who thrives on our routine of shouting down the hallway at each other and our ability to stand around the fridge eating pickles out of a jar. 

It is times like this where we lean strongly on each other and on our DBA leader. This is what he offered us as advice as we walked out of our office for an unknown time:

“This is just one moment in time. Stay calm. Plan your day and your week ahead of time. Keep your routine. Communicate with each other often. Take care of your business. Do this and you will feel productive. That’s for work.

Now, personally, if you get too overwhelmed by all of this, help someone else. I’ve heard it said taking care of others is the best way to take care of yourself. There are plenty of people hurting and more scared than any of us. Neighbors, family, maybe some old guy at the store. Take the lead. The most growth comes through overcoming adversity. Overcome yours. Help others overcome their own. Just one moment in time. It will pass. Be stronger when you come out the other side of this challenge.”

by Emily Sydor

2 responses to “Together In Spirit – Apart in our Work Space”

  1. Carrie Kundert says:

    Beautifully said, Emily. ❤

  2. Stacy Zimmermann says:

    Beautifully said DB!!! So true, and thank you for sharing. Everyone be safe.

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