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The Power of Relationships

Often times I’m shocked at how much quality work DBA can create in a short period of time. True, we have a talented, experienced team. But, what I think sets us apart is the relationships we have with our clients.

Three months to prepare a full product launch for trade show season. A full truck wrap designed and finalized in 10 days. An urgent company update that needs to be distributed ASAP to the sales channel. A new print ad campaign launched in 8 days. Granted, this isn’t ideal in anyone’s world, but we understand that it just has to get done, and that’s what we do. But, the magic is in how we do it!

From day 1 of a working relationship, we get to know our client’s business inside and out. We sit down with the president and key stakeholders to learn their vision and establish a clear message. We learn the idiosyncrasies of preferred writing and design style from one client to the next. We know that one client prefers emailed questions ahead of time for an interview and another just needs to get chased down on the fly for five minutes. Formal status reports for one client, and a quick check-in phone call is all it takes for another. All those little, yet important details add up to an effortless synergy that helps stream-line our process, especially in a crunch.

We know that bottomless to-do list is daunting. Fires pop up that need immediate attention. And, sometimes you just need a sounding board to quickly assess, plan and execute a solution. We jump on a quick conference call or hit the road with our big post-its and markers in tow. We work through challenges with our clients and celebrate the victories as well – all as a team.

Relationships are what matter. And at DBA, we value that important part of being your marketing communications team.

by Don Becker

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