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Putting Some Bite into an Existing Brand

“Strong on trends. Built on research. Concepted in our imaginations and formulated by our skilled food scientists in our full pilot plant. Great tasting, better-for-you snacks from TH Foods will satisfy your customers’ cravings and help you develop a product portfolio that will have them coming back for more.”

That’s the opening line on the new website we created for TH Foods, a leading manufacturer in the snack food industry. Known worldwide for its new, innovative snack products, the company wanted to elevate its brand to better represent its leadership position. TH Foods is known for its research-based innovation, proprietary manufacturing processes and open collaboration. These traits have been central to its brand.

“For more than 30 years, we’ve worked closely with our customers and invested in the latest technology for our innovation areas so that we can create tasty snacks that disappear off the shelves,” said Kim Holman, Marketing Director. “We’ve positioned ourselves as an industry innovator, but the look of our brand didn’t reflect that. It was time for a change.”

Kim brought DBA Marketing Communications in to execute the company’s VOICE program – a simple, three-step process requiring minimal client involvement but yielding dramatic impact on the company’s image.

Typically the VOICE program requires the following steps:

DISCOVERY: A 2- to 3-hour discovery session during which the agency interviews a cross-section of team members to learn about its business, target audiences, competitors and core offerings.

DIRECTION: The agency submits a 4- to 5-page creative direction sheet that sets the path for creating messaging through words, photos and design.

CREATIVE PRESENTATION: The agency submits three unique brand templates from which the client chooses its new roadmap for communicating its message through marketing communications materials.

The TH Foods rebranding efforts included the introduction of a new logo, website, brochures, stationery, print ads, product photography and sales tools.

by Don Becker

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