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Love at First Site

As creative director, I’m always searching for design that breaks away from the norm and makes you say, “Ahhh, that’s cool.”

While searching for some web design inspiration, I came across the website – pomwonderful.com. And wonderful it is! I love everything about it – the UI and UX design is brilliant and compelling.

Take a look at it!

Let’s talk UI design. How cool is that loading screen icon? Visually, the branding is carried throughout with the use of vibrant and dark colors, icons and for the fact the product is centered right in the middle of your screen through most of your experience on the site.

The page architecture and navigational design makes you just want to keep clicking or scrolling to see what content is next. The content is minimal and designed in a way that makes it very easy to read. Did you notice the hamburger menu is interactive? I love the small details this site has throughout.

Let’s move on to the UX design. This site is very easy to use. There are several ways for the user to get around, by clicking the top navigation links, using the hamburger menu, section icons or simply scrolling. It’s not overwhelming, just easily accessible and satisfying to the user.

The interactive components of a website should be attractive, unique and fun to use. What inspires you? Our web/digital process and capabilities can help you create a website that serves as the flagship of your brand. What’s not to love?

by Melyssa Kent

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