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Why? Not What?: Improving Your Brand Story

There seems to be a common thread with our clients at the outset of our relationship — their brand story is lacking. They like to talk about the WHAT? and not so much WHY? when it comes to promoting their company, product, component or system. They spend a lot of time talking about their product features and a small amount of time, if any, talking about their product’s benefits. Company’s are proud of their product – what it is made with and how it is built. They want to show it off. And they should!

BUT, much more important to the customer are the benefits of that product, component or system.
  • How much easier is it to program, install, operate?
  • Does it maximize operations? Save energy costs? Improve quality? Is it safer?
  • Do you support the end-user using the product?
  • Will your company go above and beyond to support their needs? How do you stand out from the rest?
  • What’s the expected return on the investment?
  • What can you offer your end-user that no one else can?

So when you look at developing your brand story, think about the WHYS (benefits) before the WHATS (stuff). Your message will be much more impactful. Your odds of turning a prospect into a customer, much greater.

Are you struggling with developing your brand story? We’ve helped many companies improve their messaging and create brand stories through our VOICE program. We can help you too.

by Don Becker

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