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How to Stay Connected to Customers and Team Remotely

As our COVID-19 induced quarantine continues to limit our ability to meet with customers, it’s imperative we find new ways to stay connected. Below are a few ideas to do just that.

  • CUSTOMER ROUNDTABLES: Consider hosting 5-8 non-competing customers on a 90-minute web call. Create an open discussion where each member can talk about how they are affected by the pandemic, explain how they’re dealing, discuss special challenges, and share successes.
  • REMOTE SELLING KITS FOR SALES TEAM: Give your sales representatives selling tips when they can’t be in front of customers. Provide easy access to sales tools.
  • ONLINE TRAINING: Since in-person training is limited now, offer online training calls and webinars.
  • CUSTOMER CARE KITS: Send small gift packages to employees and clients. It keeps you front of mind and shows you care.
  • REPLACE TRADE SHOWS: Look at ways to get product information to customers virtually. Consider hosting a virtual trade show with partner companies.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA / EMAILS: These are more imperative now than ever before. Post quality information more frequently and consider launching an email campaign that lets your customers know you’re still here for them.
  • SPECIFIC ISSUE CAMPAIGNS: Is there a problem caused by the virus that your company can help solve? Find it. Focus on it. And present it to those who could benefit from it.

Finally, don’t forget about your employees and their eventual return to the office. How do you want their first day back to feel? Will it be a celebration? Treated as just another day? An opportunity for employees to connect in small groups and talk about their experiences and successes working remotely during the quarantine? Can those insights help you better organize your company from that day forward?

Change has been forced upon us. Let’s embrace the challenges and be stronger as a result.

by Emily Sydor

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