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5 Tips for Recruiting Qualified Employees

Below are five simple tips for recruiting qualified employees in an oversaturated job market.

Tip 1: Google Ads

We’ve all heard of using Google Ads to promote products or services, but have you ever considered using them to promote job openings?

A Google Ads search campaign can push your careers page to the top of Google’s search results when you have an appropriate budget and accurate keywords. You are also able to specifically target people within a certain geography, specific age range or education status.

Tip 2: Career Websites

Posting your job openings directly to your website is a great first step, but how many people looking for employment know your company by name? You should also be posting your listings to a variety of other broad stroke career websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and Glassdoor.

Also, find a site or two that list jobs in your niche and be sure to post your openings there, as well as the broad topic sites, in order to capture potential employees who are searching specifically for a job in your sector. There are many industry-specific job search sites out there, but below are a few examples to consider.

Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME): Lists nationwide jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Big Shoes Network: Lists marketing/communications/agency jobs in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.

CollegeGrad: Lists entry-level positions throughout the nation.

K12JobSpot: Lists jobs in the education field nationwide.

Tip 3: Social Media

Did you know that 40 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week? Be sure you are posting job openings to your social media pages. Also consider paying for sponsored posts or using social media ads to draw more attention to your listings. Then, keep track of views and interactions with your posts/ads so that you can engage with prospects who may not have decided to reach out directly.

Tip 4: Virtual Career Fairs

Career fairs have always been a great way to get a feel for potential new employees. While career fairs aren’t currently being held in person, that doesn’t mean they’re on hold entirely. Set up a virtual career fair. Then, post your event, screen potential candidates and set up interviews.

Tip 5: Email Recruitment

Develop a database of past employees and past applicants who may still be open to employment and directly reach out to those individuals personally.

There you have it. Use one or, even better, all five of these easy-to-execute tips to improve your chances of recruiting qualified employees.




by Don Becker

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